54|Masamune Tomb in Honkakuji Temple (本覚寺)

Masamune (正宗) tomb is in Honkaku-Ji Temple (本覚寺) in Kamakura.  Here is a map of Honkakuji temple and Masamune kogei store in Kamakura .  This store is owned by Tsunahiro Yamamura who is the 24th generation of Masamune.

Below is the map of Kamakura which shows the location of the Honkakuji Temple (red circle) and Masamune Kogei store (circle with X in it).  Both approx. 6 or 7 minutes on foot from the Kamakura station.

54 Honkakuji map in red

This map is from the Kamakura station information center.

The direction to the Honkakuji Temple (本覚寺 )

Take Yokosuka line from Tokyo station(approx. one hour) —-Get off at Kamakura-Eki (station) —–Exit from the east exit (front exit) —-Go straight and cross the road —–Turn right and go up to the post office —-Turn left at the post office (Honkaku-Ji temple sign is at the corner of the post office) —– Honkaku-Ji Temple is short distance from the post office.

54 Honnkakuji 2 54 Honnkakuji 1

54 large Masamune monument only 54 Small Masamune tomb only

Both tombstones are the memorial tower erected for Masamune in Edo Period

54 Honnkakuji 4 54 Honnkakuji 3

The direction to the Masamune Kogei store (marked circle with X on the map)

Take Yokosuka Line from Tokyo (approx. one hour)——Get off at Kamakura Eki (station)—-Exit from the East exit (front exit) —-turn left to Komachi street —–turn left to the first small street ——- Cross the railroad track —– Short distance from the railroad track ——–Masamune kogei is on your left

54 Yamamura 1 Mr. Yamamura & I (2019)