I was born and raised in Tokyo Japan, Minato-ku, then moved to Kamakura.  Now I live in Los Angeles.  Graduated from Meiji University received a degree in literature and curatorship.  I hold a curatorship license.  Also, I graduated from the Cal State University of Northridge received a degree in Economics.

My father owned a manufacturing company related with metal.  As his hobby, he had been collecting Japanese swords and other types of Japanese art objects.  He was one of the administrators of Nihon Bojutu Token Hozon Kyokai(日本美術刀剣保存協会), that is a sword museum located in Tokyo.  One of his friends (Mori Sensei) who was also the main administrator, used to hold Japanese sword study group in his house.  I joined his study group.

Mori sensei’s group was a very rare and valuable kind because he could bring top quality swords as our study materials because of his position in the museum.  The kind of swords we could study with were top quality museum swords. Those are the kind of swords people could only see through the glass display cases.  Also, I studied sword with my father since he kept many swords in our house. This is how I started to getting into Japanese sword study