This chapter shows basic way of handling sword .

1.   Wear a white glove or hold 2 handkerchiefs (for both hands).



        2.  Bow lightly, then hold tsuka (hilt) with your right hand, hold saya (scabbard) with               your left-hand.   Pull Saya out.

How to handle sword 2


3.  Set down saya on the left.  Prepare a small hammer made for the sword.

How to handle sword 3


4.  Using a sword tool, push out the mekugi (peg).

How to handle sword 4


5.   Pull tsuka and habaki out (metal piece just above the Tsuka, gold piece in the                        picture below) and set them down on the right.

How to handle sword 6.a  How to handle sword 6



6.  Put mekugi in the hole of Tsuka so that it sticks up.  This is to prevent Mekugi to                  get lost.

How to handle sword 5


7.  Hold Nakago (inside the hilt) with your right hand.  Support under the blade                        with  Washi ( Japanese rice paper, handkerchief or tissue paper).

How to handle sword 7


8.  All the works on the blade should show with the light reflect on the surface of the              sword.  To see Hamon, Ji-Hada, and Boshi etc, better, move the sword up and                        down, sideways to reflect the light on the right position.


9.  After finish looking at the sword, reverse the process to put it back.

How to handle sword 9

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