This is a detailed part of chapter 19.  Please read 19 | Nanboku-Cho Tanto(南北朝短刀)  first, before reading this section.

0-timeline - size 24 Nanboku-cho

                            The circle above indicates the time we discuss in this section

20 Enbun Jyoji Kowakizashi Tanto

The drawing above is the shape of the Nanboku-cho time tanto.  This drawing was in chapter 19.  This drawing exaggerates the form of the Enbun Joji Kowakizashi tanto.

At the end of chapter 19 | Nanboku-Cho Tanto(南北朝短刀), there is a list of swordsmith’s names of this time.  Hiromitsu and Akihiro represent the most common characteristic of Nanboku-Cho tanto.

56 cropped Hiromitu photo 20 Hitatsura

Hiromitsu From Sano Museum Catalogue (permission granted)

Enbun Joji Ko-wakizashi tanto is also called Sun-nobi tanto (>10 inches) because the length is longer than standard size tanto (approx. 10 inches)The top part of the tanto bends outward slightly. This type of shape is called Sakizori.

Characteristic of Hiromitu and Akihiro

Shape——-wide width.  Usually, 1foot 1, 2 inches long (Sun-nobi).  Thin body.  Sakizori

Hamon ——-Tempered line is wide and narrow.  Hamon around Yakidashi (right above machi area) area is narrow, and it becomes gradually wider.  Hamon around the Fukura area is the showiest.  Mainly Nie.  Sunagashi, Kinsuji, Gunome, Umanoha Midare (horse teeth shape hamon), Hitatsura appears (above drawing).

Boshi——–Irregular, unevenly tempered, almost entire area is hamon. Deep turn back.

Jihada ———Wood grained

Nakago ——-Tanago-Bara shape (refer 19 | Nanboku-Cho Tanto(南北朝短刀)

Nobukuni (Below is my sword)

Shodai Nobukuni (the first generation) was a student of Sadamune.  He was called one of the Sadamune San Tetsu (貞宗三哲, top three students).  Nobukuni’s characteristic was similar to the one of Hiromitsu and Akihiro above.  Nobukuni also created Sun-nobi tanto.  This sword has a Hoso-suguha, Ko-mokume (small burl), Ko-maru boshi (small round).

56 Nobukuni 1 Nobukuni4

56 Nobukuni 2

This is my sword.  Shodai Nobukuni (初代信國).   Juyo Token (重要刀剣)


number Juyo 3220,    Certification Juyo-Token

Wakizashi :  Nobukuni (信国),   31.4cm length, 0.3cm curvature, HirazukuriMitsumune (three-sided mune),  Sun-nobi, Ji-hada is wood grain and Ji-nie (nie on the surface between shinogi and hamon),  Hamon is Chu-suguha (medium straight),  Front carving shows Bonji (sanscrit), Sanko-ken, back engraving is Bonji and Hoko (pike).   Original nakago.  The examination by the Nihon Bijutu Token Hozon Kyokai, it is certified as Jyuyo Token.  The Chairman Moritatu Hosokawa.  Showa 45 June 1 (1970 June 1)

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